One Book Nova Scotia

Fauna by Alissa York

I finally got my copy of Fauna for One Book Nova Scotia┬átoday. I was on Spring Garden Road during my lunch hour and as I passed Bookmark I couldn’t resist. I’m glad I went, because I got an autographed copy! I’m enough of a book nerd to think that incredibly cool (don’t you?).

For those of you who haven’t heard of One Book Nova Scotia, it’s a reading campaign where everyone reads the same book so that you can all talk about it together. It’s also supposed to be a starting off point for conversation – obviously you can talk about it among your friends and co-workers, but also with the people you might not otherwise connect with – the person sitting next to you on the bus, for example.

It started on September 10th and will run until November 2nd, so I’m a little late jumping on the wagon for this one. I don’t much care though, it’ll be kind of neat just feeling connected like that to everyone through a book. Isn’t that every librarian’s dream?